HACS Statement


Since 2007, HACS existed to provide professional counselling and therapeutic group work for adults affected by alcohol misuse and their families.

HACS has been struggling for several years to obtain funding for our services and we have been able to continue only by running on our reserves. Reluctantly, the Trustees have now reached the inevitable decision to close the charity at the end of July 2019.

Consequently, we are now unable to provide any of the services we previously offered but hope that those seeking help about problems around alcohol, either experienced by themselves or others they care about, will be able to find help by contacting the services mentioned below.

We will be keeping our own helpline open until the end of July 2019.

The Trustees are grateful for all the financial support they have received from many sources in the past and thank our manager and all the counsellors who have made our highly respected service of help to the many thousands of people who have contacted HACS since 2007.

We sincerely thank all our funders and partners for their valuable support.  Without them we would not have been able to provide this vital service in the Hertfordshire community which often has been a lifeline for the many thousands of people who have contacted us for help.


Hertfordshire County Council

NHS CCG North and East Herts

Westminster Drug Project

The Mrs Smith and Mount Trust

Hertfordshire Community Foundation

HCC Councillors Locality Fund

Tesco – Beer, Wine, Spirits Dept.

Jordan James Merrick

Where to get more help & advice

Our thinking about drinking alcohol is that the vast majority of people do so responsibly. However, if you have clicked to access this website it may be that you or a member of your family are experiencing the harmful effects of alcohol misuse upon your health and other areas of your life. Below are links to some qualified counsellors who we would thoroughly recommend :-

Tina Rawlings

Jackie Spicer

01462 701956 or 07964 289843